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Python 3.0 I/O performance issues

Posted December 10th @ 8:55 am by admin

Python 3.0 (aka Python 3000) was released about a week ago.
In the what’s new the python team claim:
The net result of the 3.0 generalizations is that Python 3.0 runs the pystone benchmark around 10% slower than Python 2.5. Most likely the biggest cause is the removal of special-casing for small integers. There’s room for improvement, [...]

iPhone SDK 2.2 Localizable.strings bug

Posted December 7th @ 7:12 pm by admin

In the latest release of the iPhone SDK 2.2 (9m2621) there is an issue concerning the localization procedure.
When the input string file is utf-8 and “Strings file Output Encoding” is set to binary, the resulting file isn’t Localizable.string but Localizable.string.XXXX where XXXX is a pid number.
To correct this issue you can patch the ruby script copystrings located [...]