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Bottle decorator for validating query parameters

Posted November 19th @ 1:13 am by admin

Bottle is my favorite python web framework, it is lightweight and fast. Those are good qualities, especially when you need to write web services.
However it misses some nice features of other “bigger” framework. One of them is a nice way to handle and validate query parameters.
To make an example, lets suppose that your route function [...]

Improved performance of Python 3.1

Posted August 21st @ 3:41 pm by admin

In my previous post (six months ago) I claim about the bad performance of Python 3.0. The first py3k version contained a new I/O library written totally in python that was the main cause of such problems.
Now Python 3.1 present a totally new I/O Library rewritten in c for maximum performance. As promised, I re-execute all [...]

Python 3.0 I/O performance issues

Posted December 10th @ 8:55 am by admin

Python 3.0 (aka Python 3000) was released about a week ago.
In the what’s new the python team claim:
The net result of the 3.0 generalizations is that Python 3.0 runs the pystone benchmark around 10% slower than Python 2.5. Most likely the biggest cause is the removal of special-casing for small integers. There’s room for improvement, [...]