Naboko 1.0 customers: If you are unable to solve the twenty training levels, you can use this trick.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to disable the auto-zoom feature?

Go to the preference panel and move the two sliders to the left.

I cannot figure out if I can move a box in the current character position. How can I do?

You can move Naboko on a free tile or you can use a long tap: if the arrows are blue you can move the selected box here.

Is the level xyz solvable?

The levels came from many different authors that accept to appear in this game.
I'm not sure about the solvability of all levels, but while this levels are very common on the web, I hope they are.
Starting from version 1.3 each customer can choose to share his found solutions. In this way we hope to build a complete database of solutions. You can check if a solution is available by clicking on the "solution" button on the level presentation pane. If a solution is present, you can see it by tapping on the "Online solution" button.

I write same sokoban levels. Can you add them to the game?

Yes, but due to the limited screen size, only small levels (max 12x20 tiles) will be added.

Game Basics:

In this tutorial you will learn how to play in five steps:

Naboko is the green circle. He must push the box to the goal tile.
First tap on the box to select it.
The box is now selected. You must choose where to push it. The possible locations are signed with blue circles.
Tap over the goal tile (yellow point). Naboko will push the selected box to the choosed tile.
The level is complete! Tap on the screen to exit from this level.

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